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"As you know, as of January 2011, it has been three months that we have been using MCS provided toner for our IBM 4100 printers. I wanted to drop you a note to let you know that we are pleased with the quality of print that your toner is providing as well as experiencing no issues with any defects. Although making the decision to switch maintenance providers from IBM® (InfoPrint™) to MCS was a little risky, we are pleased and satisfied that we made the right decision.

MCS Services was able to come to the plate with toner that was rated equal quality at a price that was lower than what we were doing with IBM® (InfoPrint™). MCS Service continues to be proactive to be sure we are pleased with the print quality while they continue to maintain overall excellent service to our printers maximizing our run time and help meet our very aggressive SLA’s.

It is very satisfying to have our vendor (MCS) provide excellent service to both our OCE® and IBM® (InfoPrint™) continuous print lines.

When we began this business relationship back in July 2005, it was presented to us as a partnership. We have not been disappointed as this has been noted in our relocation, holiday coverage, operator training as well as helping run our print room when we were short on personnel. It has been a pleasure working with MCS thus far and we are looking forward to continuing our work relationship together in the future."

Herb LaMonda

OPC Manager

Farmers Insurance Group, Inc.

"Just a note to let you know how well the MCS toner product is running through our laser printers. Since converting our laser room to the MCS toner and developer products 3 months ago, we have not noticed any change in our laser quality in comparison to OCE® toner and developer products. You have been absolutely correct in your statement that the transaction to MCS toner and developer products would be seamless and unnoticeable.

Logistics has also been outstanding. We have ordered MCS developer and had it here the next day without any hesitation. Ordering MCS toner and developer has now become very simple. You are definitely manufacturing a quality product here. I would recommend to any other laser-printing site to make the switch immediately. Once again thank you for your excellent service and for being in my mind the industry leader in being able to forecast trends and customer needs in our industry."

Javier Gibert

Mailing Services Manager

Mail America Communications, Inc.

"I wanted to give you an update on the performance of the MCS 2.7 toner product. The standards we set during our testing are still holding true in our day-to-day usage. Sourcelink Ohio is averaging over 20,000,000 feet per month using substrates that vary 18 lb to the maximum the Oce® printers will run, these include pre-printed and white stock run simplex and duplex.

I want to thank MCS Services for bringing its MCS toner product into the market, the cost savings are substantial and the project performs to a higher standard than OEM. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to save money and give the customer a quality document."

Mark Houseman

Product Development

Sourcelink Ohio